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As experienced real estate developers, we excel in identifying untapped opportunities, converting them into lucrative investments. We leverage deep market insights, financial astuteness, and superior project management skills to outpace competition.

Our keen risk assessment capabilities ensure reliable profits, even in volatile markets. With an extensive network of industry experts, we expedite processes, optimizing both time and cost. We develop sustainable, aesthetically pleasing properties that enrich communities, reflecting our vision and dedication to superior real estate development. Our collective expertise and strategic approach make us a smarter, better choice for real estate development.

How we style your space

We meticulously curate your space with a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. We incorporate modern design principles with your preferences to create a bespoke, livable masterpiece.

Interior design

At Assey we excel not just in structuring buildings but also in crafting exquisite interiors. Our team of expert designers ensures that every inch of your space is carefully considered and beautifully styled. We blend aesthetics with practicality, using top-quality materials, innovative designs, and personalized elements. Our interior designs elevate living spaces, making them both functional and visually stunning.


We are great at facelifting properties and transforming them into desirable real estate assets. We synergize architectural acumen, design expertise, and market insights to revitalize properties, enhancing their appeal and value. Our thorough approach considers every detail, from structural improvements to aesthetic enhancements, ensuring your property is not just renovated, but reimagined and rejuvenated.


When it is about marketing and selling properties. Our robust sales strategy, combined with a deep understanding of market trends, enables us to position properties effectively, attracting the right buyers, and ensuring profitable transactions. We make property selling seamless and successful.


As innovative real estate developers, we specialize in creating smart homes, where convenience meets technology. We integrate state-of-the-art home automation systems into our designs, making properties energy-efficient, secure, and comfortable. Our smart homes redefine modern living, offering unparalleled ease and sophistication.

The House we Live,
says a lot about us.

Victor Bassey. – Chief designer



For Sale

5 Bedroom Fully Detached Pent House Duplex With Swimming Pool House

5 bedroom fully detached Pent house Duplex with swimming pool House for sale at Buena Vista Estate
(Orchid Hotel Road) chevron Lekki Lagos selling for ₦150,000,000

Built 2021

2 Units Of 4 Bedroom Duplex.

Newly Completed 2 units of 4-bedroom semi-detached Duplex with a bq.

The Duplex is located within a serene environment in Lekki Gardens Ajah, Lekki. selling for ₦75,000,000 comes with a registered title and CofO

Topnotch Luxury & Smart 3 Bedroom Semi-Detached Duplex + BQ

These sets of beautifully designed blocks of duplexes and terraces are located inside Meridian Boulevard Estate, which is centrally-located in a family- friendly neighborhood in an upscale environment within the Fairmont Garden Scheme, Lekki- Scheme 2 Axis. selling for ₦70,000,000

Who We Are

Designing Homes for strength, style & tech lovers since 2018

We are a progressive real estate development firm marked by a deep sense of accountability and a forward-thinking approach. Specializing in transforming spaces into thoughtfully designed, contemporary properties, we are committed to creating value for our clients and the communities we serve.

In every project we undertake, our core principles guide us – integrity, transparency, and delivering on our promises. We believe that our accountability isn’t just about delivering high-quality spaces on time, but also about fostering trust with our clients and stakeholders.

As a modern, dynamic firm, we embrace innovation and strive to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies in real estate. We understand the evolving needs of contemporary living, and we reflect this understanding in our developments, from smart homes to eco-friendly designs.

From Home to Office

Our experienced and passionate team is committed to delivering excellence at every stage of the development process. From site selection to interior design, from construction to sales, we offer unmatched expertise and a commitment to surpassing expectations. We are more than just developers; we are creators of high-value, high-impact spaces that stand as a testament to our vision and values.

Trust us as your real estate developers, where transparency and integrity take center stage. Our commitment to fulfilling promises, delivering high-quality projects on time, and maintaining open communication underpins our operations. We’re dedicated to your satisfaction, transforming real estate visions into reality.

Our Core Values


Proudly diligent & responsible

We meticulously manage each project, uphold ethical practices, and take responsibility for delivering top-quality, sustainable developments, always honoring our commitments to stakeholders.


Focused on standing the test of time

We’re focused on creating properties that stand the test of time. Our constructions are built on a foundation of quality, innovation, and sustainability, ensuring lasting value and endurance.


Absolutely  modern & sophisticated

We’re committed to creating properties that harmoniously blend eco-conscious practices with modern aesthetics, promising living spaces that are both stylish and mindful of the environment.


A keen Attention to details

We strive to surpass industry standards in all aspects of our work, from project conception to completion, delivering superior quality properties that reflect our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction.


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